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Due to my original interest in Welsh cobs, a number of large Welsh
part-breds have also been bred at this stud, primarily with performance in mind.
These include

Cwrtycadno Mel

(Sarnau Golden Cloud/Llamri Rosann)


Affiliated Show Jumping successes included
3rd Newcomers Hickstead
2nd Wales & West on 3 occasions

Owned by Amanda Whitnall
Ridden by Catherine McBride

CLICK HERE for extended pedigree

Now retired

Cwrtycadno Mel


Cwrtycadno Zeus

(Sky Saturn x
Llamri Rosann by Parc Dafydd)

Property of Sarah Ollis

Advanced endurance horse

Successes include

Winner of the Hambleton Hundred 100 mile race
and Northern Champion 2009.

Winner of the Cairo Trophy 2008
Winner of the Little Dragon ER 2008

Winner of the Lindum Imp 2007
Winner of the 50 mile ER Hexham 2006

CLICK HERE for extended pedigree

Shown here winning at Hexham


Cwrtycadno Zeus
Cwrtycadno Keltic Star

Cwrtycadno Keltic Star

(Abishai / Llamri Rosann)

Property of International endurance rider Paula Postlethwaite

Advanced Endurance horse.

Winner of the Endurance GB
Cairo Trophy 2007
for the high-point part-bred arab.

CLICK HERE for extended pedigree

Photo by Eric G Jones

Cwrtycadno Zeus

Sarah Ollis and Cwrtycadno Zeus
with the Cwrtycadno Cup
for the Endurance Champion
in the Part-bred Awards.2008

Winner of the 2009 WPCS Endurance Award. See :

Paula Postlethwaite
WPCS President Mr Michael Johnson
presenting Paula Postlethwaite
(owner and rider of Cwrtycadno Keltic Star)
with the Tipperary Bowl
for the winner of the Long Distance Section
in the WPCS Performance Awards 2006.



Cwrtycadno Sidan Las
Ffoslas Caradog ap Dafydd x Cwrtycadno Gwennol

Grey mare. 1983 - 1998.

Numerous wins and championships in all spheres.

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Cwrtycadno Sidan Las
Cwrtycadno Sidan Las

Cwrtycadno Fine Art
Rough Lad x Cwrtycadno Sidan Las

Black mare.1992.

Champion WPBR Pembroke County,
Reserve large WPBR Royal WelshShow 1995

only times shown in part-bred classes.

CLICK HERE for extended pedigree


Cwrtycadno Mel

Palomino mare 1990

Sarnau Golden Cloud x Parc Ann by Parc Dafydd

CLICK HERE for extended pedigree



Visitors are very welcome but please phone first.

Contact -  Megan Lewis

Ffrwdfal, Crugybar, Llanwrda, Carms. SA19 8TE

Tel / Fax: (+44) 01558 650582

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Megan Lewis
Cwrtycadno Stud
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SA19 8TE

Tel / Fax:
01558 650582



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